Parent Engagement Institute: The Launch

Engaged Parents. Stronger Students.

Last month we launched our newest program, the Parent Engagement Institute. In partnership with the Children’s Defense Fund of California the program provides parents with the skills and knowledge to better support their children’s academic development, build stronger communication and engagement, and increase their effectiveness as advocates. The goal is for parents to create a mindset, environment, and expectation that higher education is a viable goal for their children. The curriculum articulates a pathway for children of lower-income families to become college graduates with a strong emphasis on language and literacy. We know, engaged parents build stronger students.

Learn more about the program and a recap of the first session here

30 Million Word Gap

It’s hard to wrap your mind around the concept of 30 million anything. Can you believe it’s also the gap between the number of words a ‘well-to-do child’ hears by the end of age 3, versus any one of their peers. Thirty million words. And that gap has a persistent impact on learning, literacy, and education.

Learn about how you can close the gap with more info here